Amkette Trubeats Air BT Wireless Stereo Headset

Amkette Trubeats Air BT Wireless Stereo Headset
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At times it becomes difficult to stay connected on the phone or listen to music while on the go. This is mainly because the winding cables prove to be a hindrance. So, to avoid such a situation and enjoy wireless conversation and music, you must avail the Amkette Trubeats Air BT Wireless Headset. Amkette is one of the most renowned brands when it comes to producing electronic accessories and more, and this product is no exception. This wireless headset is packed with an array of features, which allows you to talk freely or listen to music on the phone, especially when you are travelling, and it keeps your hands free as well. So, if you are keen about purchasing this product, take a look at the features that this wireless headset has to offer.

Key features of the Amkette Trubeats Air BT Wireless Headset

  • This wireless headset easily connects to your mobile device or any other device that supports Bluetooth technology
  • This wireless headset streams extremely high quality stereo music
  • This Amkette Trubeats headset features a slender and sleek frame with red interior lining. And it is extremely easy and comfortable to wear
  • This headset also features an in-built Omni-directional mic for uninterrupted conversation on the phone
  • This headset can be worn from behind the neck with ease
  • This wireless headset has the sensitivity at 1 kHz
  • The headset frequency response is 10 - 20000 Hz
  • Other sound features include angled acoustic pipes for excellent stereo sound
  • Music controls include previous Play/Pause, track change, volume up/down and next track
  • This headset runs on 150 mAh lithium ion battery

Amkette Trubeats Air BT Wireless Headset online

This powerful and efficient headset can be used irrespective of where you are and now this product is available on the internet. So, why wait anymore. You can buy Amkette Trubeats Air BT Wireless Headset, without any hassle and carry on with your conversation.

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